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Does Vitamin C Really Prevent the Common Cold?

With colder weather just around the corner, the threat of the infamous “cold season” may soon knock on the doors of the unsuspecting many this winter season. To reduce the odds of actually catching the common cold, the best medicine (yet again) seems to be preventative medicine. The ageless recommendation of increasing vitamin C intake […]

Top 5 Reasons Parents Take Their Kids to a Beaumont Chiropractor

The practice has officially taken off and we have been BOOMING with precious newborns, bouncing toddlers, and adventurous kids. I often get asked by family members and friends: “Why exactly would a parent bring their child to you?” 1) NURSING TROUBLES- I’ve had moms come to me on the verge of tears (or nervous breakdowns…or […]

Beaumont Chiropractor Talks About COLIC

What is colic? What causes colic? Can chiropractic help colic? Racheal Honea Thrive Patient “The staff are very friendly and answered all of my questions. The atmosphere is very calming. Dr. Coronado is phenomenal with my baby and even pointed out an issue our PCP missed. 10/10 recommend …” Mayajean Smith Designation Dr. Coronado has […]